Welcome to the E support center for people with special needs and their families. Here we turn "DISABILITY INTO POSIBILITY"

Preschool children

Abilities assessment services: The assessment process involves assessing the child's individual abilities and needs, unlike the traditional testing that categorizes the child.

Early intervention services: This service includes virtual assessment and stimulation of the psycho-motor development of children from 0 to 3 years old with active involvement of the parents.

Development assessment

Stimulation of psycho-motor development

Speech therapy

School children

E-support to children and teachers in inclusive schools, through the development of various alternative forms of cooperation (individual and group work with children in teaching and extracurricular activities using a distance learning platform).

Developmental and educational assessment

Individual work with school age children

Support in school adaptation

Support for parents

The parent support service is aimed at strengthening the parental capacities for more successful acceptance of the child’s condition, which is an important factor for improving the parent-child interaction and developing the child’s potentials.

Initial meet with special educator

Counseling with psychologist

Recommendations for working at home

Trainings for young people and adults

The career development through virtual training feels and nurtures the responsibility and professionalism in providing trainings for personal and professional development.

Our specialist consultants and trainers ensure that skills and knowledge are relevant and applicable in a variety of work environments.

Career development of crafts (handicrafts)

Career development of crafts (gardener)

Career development of crafts (baker, cook)

Support to institutions

Online support and trainings, seminars and workshops of various institutions of interest to children and young people including:

  • early childhood,
  • school period and
  • the period of professional training.

Online support of kindergartens, centers for early childhood development

Online support for schools in the inclusion process

Online support of institutions working with young people and adults with special needs

Together we create a world in which the people with different abilities are fully accepted, respected and involved in all aspect of life. Join us in "Turning disabilities into possibilities". 

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