About us

Together we create a world in which the people with different abilities are fully accepted, respected and involved in all aspect of life. Join us in “Turning disabilities into possibilities”. 
Association for the rights of children and youth with special needs “Lastovica” from August till November 2020 worked on the project “Virtual E-center for supporting persons with special needs and their families”. The aim of the virtual E-center is to enable the use of remote services offered by our association in the Pandemic conditions caused by COVID 19.

The E-center offers,

  1. Support for children with special needs of preschool and school age by providing expert assessment of the developmental level, individual plan for early treatment and support of cognitive, motor, sensory, speech-language, social and emotional development.
  2. Support for young people and adults with special needs through remote training for professional orientation and training for active inclusion in the society.
  3. Supporting families of people with special needs through online sessions with professionals.
  4. Cooperation and mutual support with institutions in capacity building for social inclusion: kindergartens, centers for early childhood development, schools, day care centers for rehabilitation and vocational training, associations and companies.

The project is financially supported by the OSCE Mission to Skopje, as part of the Extraordinary Call for Proposals: Covid-19 Response Fund.

The content of this platform does not always reflect the views or opinions of the OSCE Mission to Skopje



Blvd: ASNOM no.60 Aerodrom, Skopje Republic of Macedonia


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